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Spine and Back Health

Severe Buttock Pain



About 6 weeks ago, I slipped and fell extremely hard onto hardwood floor, and landed directly on my upper right buttock. Since that time, when I lay on my right side to sleep at night, severe pain, starting at just to the right of the sacrum, but in the muscle, wakes me up. The pain radiates down the entire buttock and into the upper thigh on the exterior lateral side. I have to change sides, and then also put severe pressure on the point of pain in the buttock and massage it very hard. The pain doesn`t subside immediately, but does soften. During the day, when I`m up and around, there is no radiating pain, but if I press hard on the center point of where the pain is at night, I do feel some pain. Could this be a problem with the gluteus maximus? What remedy is there? Do I need to see a doctor? Thank you.


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