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Pain with orgasm



I am a 23 yr old female with no history of pregnany, but I used to have problems with birth control giving me a yeast infection inside of the uterus. I have recently started having severe pain during an orgasim enough to where it stops me in my tracks, then afterwards the pain is still there but not as so severe. I thought that may be just a once in a life time thing but it keeps happening to the point that I am afraid to have relations with my husband. What worries me the most is when my mother was my age she had a benign tumor removed from her abdomin that was attached to her uterus and one of her ovories. Should i be worried about this?


Pain with orgasm isn't normal and should be further evaluated. It could be a structural problem like a benign tumor of the uterus or more likely scarring of structures around the uterus or tubes. You could have some musculoskeletal issues that are causing pain. The muscles of the pelvis spasm during orgasm too.

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