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Diagnosis of infertility



my question is if by haveing a hsg test done is it enough to let you know if you are the reason why you have not goten pregnet because i got an hsg test done and everything came out good and i was wondering if after haveing that test would it be easier to concive i would like to know because i know someone that went an got an hsg test and she got pregnet within the 3 to 4 months so i was wondering if that dose have anything to do with that and like a year and a half before i got the hsg test done i was on clomid and nothing happen i also was wondering every month when i get my period i don`t get that gooey thing for when you are ovulating well sometime i do but when i don`t i do buy the ovulation kits and it tells me that i am ovulating but i don`t get the gooey thing so dose that mean i am ovulating or not i am very confused and stress i mean i been trying for 3 years and i am really stress out because i have not gotten pregnet even thow that the doctor says i am ok i really don`t get it because my husband has low sperm but don`t mean he can`t have.


If you are ovulating and have open tubes, but your husband has a low sperm count, you would be diagnosed as having "Male Factor Infertility".  While low sperm counts do not absolutely prevent spontaneous pregnancy from occurring, the chances can be significantly decreased. 

The treatment for male factor infertility (if no medically or surgically correctable causes are found), is to get the sperm closer to the egg.  This is done using intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).  I would suggest that you speak to an infertility specialist about these options.  

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