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Enlarged ovary



I have been told that my right ovary has been enlarged since last year at this time. I have been to my Gyno who has given me an internal sonogram every 3 months. It seems to go up and down but never back to normal size. It is now bigger than it has ever been and causing discomfort in my back. I am scheduled to see my Gyno again in a month to check on it again.

What can be causing this? I am 48 and haven`t had a period since last August. My PCP recommends removing it? Should I be worried about cancer?

Thanks for your opinion.


Although cancer of the ovary is a concern, given that it has been waxing and waning in size every month with your cycles, makes it less likely. Every month a woman produces an egg that develops within a cyst. This could be what is causing the ovary to change in size. If the ovary or cyst is significantly enlarged (greater than 5-8 cm), it should be removed to determine what it is.

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