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Kidney Diseases

BUN/Creatinine ratio



In January 2008, my BUN/creatinine ratio was 26 (BUN was 19 and creatine was 0.73). In May 2008, my BUN/creatinine ratio was 29 (my BUN was 20 and creatine was 0.70). I exercise a lot. I do take Vasotec 2.5mg once a day and Lipitor 10mg once a day. I love peanut butter and dried prunes. Can my diet affect this? Should I be worried about the 29 figure? Thank you.


BUN/creatinine ratio usually is less than 20. Abnormally high ratio is seen in patients with dehydration, high protein diet, intestinal bleed, and many other causes. To answer your question, BUN/creatinine ratio may be affected by diet (high protein diet). Usually ratio of 29 alone, may not be clinically important, unless it is associated with other clinical signs and symptoms. In patients with kidney disease, water intake should be dictated by thirst, rather than any fixed volume. You should follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations.

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Ganesh  Shidham, MD Ganesh Shidham, MD
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