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Vascular Surgery

Lumps in bend of elbow



I have had two soft, large lumps for a few years in the bend of my elbow. They press on everything every time I bend my arm. It is causing pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness throughout my arm, from hand to shoulder. It is extremely uncomfortable. I had an ultrasound done a couple of years ago and they said it was not vascular (originally they thought it was because it pulsates, maybe on top of artery?). An ortho surgeon told me he thought it was a cyst because it does not feel connected to anything.

My question is, because I do not have insurance, I have not been able to afford to have them removed. I am worried that the constant pushing on my artery and nerves will cause serious problems. Could this happen? Also, I recently called a general surgeon (cheaper than vascular) and was told by her nurse that she would probably send me to vascular surgeon because of location of cysts. If this is true should I just go straight to vascular to avoid additional cost of general surgeon? What do you think these lumps are?


Hello. Lumps on the bend of the elbow are not in the area of vascular surgery. I would suggest General Surgery.

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