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Pain Management

Treating A Disc Rupture with Cord Compression



I was diagnosed today with a T7-T8 moderate disc bulge with cord compression. I had the MRI because of R flank pain with RUQ pain for almost a year. I had a kidney stone which unfortunately required 3 surgeries in 5 months. My doc is not convinced that the pain is due to the disc because of the location of the pain. What nerves, organs, and parts of the body are/could be affected by the T7-T8 rupture? Could this be the cause of the flank and RUQ pain and the GERD that I have also been experiencing? I am so frustrated with being in pain for so long and not knowing what is causing it.


The pain from a T7-T8 disc herniation with cord compression would radiate to the RUQ. You may benefit from an epidural steroid injection, tramadol and gabapentin (or Lyrica). Consultation with a Pain Medicine specialist would be helpful. The herniated disc should not cause reflux.

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Salim M Hayek, MD, PhD Salim M Hayek, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University