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Kidney Diseases




My son just recieved his ten month result from an ultrasound of diagnosed hydronephrosis. His results showed increase swelling in the left kidney. Both kidneys function 50% each. Hydro was found in both, however last month I was told it was just on the right kidney. I`m now confused of why there would be swelling in the left? Could hydro return once it is gone? What type of procedure can be done to make it better? And what type of future effects should I be concerned of for his kidneys? Could hydronephrosis lead to more severe dysfunction?


From your question, I am not sure how old your son is? All your questions and concerns are relevant. Hydronephrosis means dilatation of urinary tract due to obstruction to urine flow. Obstruction in urine flow could be anywhere from tip of the penis to urinary bladder to cause bilateral hydronephrosis. If obstruction is in one of the ureters, it will lead to one sided hydronephrosis. In yours sons case, I am not sure what is the cause of obstruction and where it is. Hydronephrosis can return if obstruction is not released or it recurs. It is very important to remember that long standing Hydronephrosis can lead to permanent damage to kidney due to backing up of urine. Long standing hydronephrosis can lead to chronic kidney failure, secondary FSGS, proteinuria which may progress end stage kidney failure. Your son needs to be seen by urologist and nephrologist to further evaluation.

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Ganesh  Shidham, MD Ganesh Shidham, MD
Associate Professor of Nephrology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University