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Myasthenia Gravis

Do I need to see my neurologist?



For some time now, when I stretch back at all, there is a funny sound/sensation behind (?) by breast bone. It is like something stretching or rubbing against something. Hard to define. It doesn`t often hurt at all and when it does it is extremely mild pain with a warm sensation. I know my doctor told me to watch for something when I first started treatment for MG, but wasn`t sure if this could be related. Thanks you!


I am not sure what this is. With myasthenics, we look for signs of a tumor in this area, but I have never heard anyone who is able to feel it or hear this type of lesion. You do have a lot of moveable bone and flexible cartilage in this area, and that would be a more likely explanation. I would probably let either your neurologist or primary care doctor have a look at you and let them feel the area.

Just remember to pay attention to the signs and symptoms of worsening myasthenia--- difficulty chewing, difficulty swallowing, difficulty breathing, slurred speech, and/or weak arms and legs or weak neck. If these are starting to occur, then definitely call your neurologist right away.

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Robert W Neel, IV, MD Robert W Neel, IV, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati