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Urinary Tract Cancers

Atypical cytology results. Wait, or not?



Catheterized urine cytology results. Atypical cells present. Clusters of atypical urothelial cells, squamous cells, columner cells, and traces of blood. Neoplasm cannot be ruled out. My urologist wants to wait two months and do the cystoscopy and urine cytology again. My question is, isn`t this dangerous if there is something going on? I am afraid in the waiting things will get worse? Should I get a second opinion now?


Cytology can be misleading if you Cytologist is not experienced. First try to find out how experienced the cytologist is or is not. Next, be aware that you have not been diagnosed with cancer. When cancer is present, it will be recognized by the cytologist, but when there is no cancer present the words that describe your results are the ways urine cytology is described, so that if your cytologist is a good one you do not have urothelial cancer.

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