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Athletic Training

Ankle lump and pain for years



I have a lump on my lower outside leg right about my ankle. It feels like its a lump on a muscle because its more of a muscle or tendon hurt and not a bone hurt. When I exercise or sometimes even when I dont it seems to hurt all the way up to knee (still a muscle pain) If I push on both the inside and outside of my lower leg near my calf it hurts and feels sore. It started from an ankle sprain. I have had many but this was the last and worst one. I was a cheerleader and I kept tumbling on it and finally had to have surgery because my ligaments couldnt stabilize my ankle anymore and I was hoping the bump and pain would go away but it didnt and over 5 years later it still hasnt. I went to about 4 doctors and they had NO idea what was wrong. I had about 5 MRI`s and nothing showed, but everytime I took a bone scan there was an obvious black blob exactly around where it hurts. I have had many doctors give up on me but I really enjoy running and exercising and was wondering if anyone has encountered an injury such as this one.


I would recommend continuing to explore the reason for your pain with a specialist. Your condition should be seen by an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the foot and ankle.

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