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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Need Help



I have a strange problem.If i do something important repeatedly(for example studying something important) on the final day or in between if somebody dies, i don`t want to remember that days important lesson because i keep thinking that thet day is not a good day for me and want to learn that lesson another day. But i don`t want to do that and want to remember that days lesson. I want to come out of this problem. please help me.


This sounds like something that a counselor or a therapist could help you with.  I encourage you to find someone you can talk to about these issues.  It is normal to want to move sad memories away, and being stressed by them can interfere with one's ability to do you normal activities.  Learning some healthy ways to deal with grief, sadness and stress may help you.  Having someone to talk to is one of the most important ways to decrease the effect of these stressors on your everyday life.

Good Luck

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Nancy   Elder, MD Nancy Elder, MD
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