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Sleep Disorders

Numbness in hands and arms while sleeping



I used to think my wrist pain was carpel tunnel, but now I`m not so sure. It started ten years ago with severe pain in my right hand that would limit my movement (after a major drawing project which required repetitive and small motions). Over the past few years, the pain only happens after holding my arm up (like while driving for a long time or painting), but the worst part is at night while I am sleeping I will wake up with my entire hand and part of my arm asleep- and it happens in both my left and right hand/arms. It`s very painful and awakes me nightly, sometimes more than once a night. I usually wear a brace/splint on my right hand at night and try to sleep with my arms at my sides (instead of up by my pillow), but last night my right hand/arm fell asleep even with the brace on!

I have a cervical rib on my left side between my neck and my shoulder (you can`t see it, but you can feel it and this has been confirmed by doctors). I know my husband is always trying to get me to drink more water, so I am probably dehydrated which I know can hinder circulation. The numbness is in the entire hand (all the fingers) up my arm. I often feel pain that stems from the top of my forearm around the inside (thumb side) down the underside of my forearm to my wrist and then in all five fingers. Sometimes it goes as high as my shoulder (on the outside), but rarely. On the left side, it`s mostly just numbness at night while sleeping. Although my job is sedentary (work at a desk) my wrists very rarely bother me at work and I am fairly strong. Besides the numbness and pain while sleeping I am healthy. Thank you.


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