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Kidney Diseases

Protein leak



I was just told by my doctor that I am leaking a not so good amount of protein from my kidneys. He is a family doctor, not a specialist. I have done some reserch on my own. I`d like to know if there is a time frame for things to happen (kidney failure). I do know it won`t be exact, but can you tell me any kind of time for the 5 stages of kidney failure? 


There are many types of kidney disease and many causes of protein leakage.  Some types of kidney disease are very serious and progress quickly toward a need for dialysis, while others are less serious and progress slowly or not at all.  If you can provide the following information about yourself, I may possibly be able to give you a better idea of what to expect:

Below, please see the link to a NetWellness article on some very basic information about chronic kidney disease.  In the meantime, you should definitely be under the care of a nephrologist (kidney specialist), in addition to your family doctor.  Please ask your doctor to refer you to one as soon as possible.

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