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Urinary Disorders

Urethral drainage for 5 days



Thank you in advance for any guidance on where to go next.

I have a large knot, approximately the size of a walnut, that includes my urethral opening. On Monday night, I discovered that with pressure there were copius amounts of pus draining - approximately 1 tablespoon - from the opening. The following morning was the same thing, with blood mixed in with the pus. I saw my PCP, who referred me to a gyno surgeon, who consulted a urologist. The conclusion was nothing. Two days later, I call my PCP again because I have a low grade fever and still have the knot with drainage (sometimes the drainage is clear now). He started me on Cipro today. How long until I see an improvement and what signs would let me know I need immediate attention? Thank you again!


There is a possibility of a Bartolin's cyst or Skene gland cyst. Treatment is antibiotics for the acute phase and then surgical excision.

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