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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

My penis can only make a short angle



I`m a 20-year-old teen. For years I have been noticing that my penis, when erect, can`t make an angle more than 90 degrees with my stomach. It so happens that if I have sex, I won`t be able to let my partner lean forward, as that will make my penis make a wider angle and it hurts a lot. Actually if I try myself, it is impossible to make a wider angle than 90 degrees. This is also highly disappointing for both me and my partner. Is this a very serious problem? And does it have a cure, some exercises, or something? I`m ready to do anything. Please give me a solution for this problem. Also my penis has a light colour in the front part and a dark colour in the dark part. My brother said it is because my foreskin was removed at birth. That also makes me disappointed. Please help. Thanks.


Angle of the penis if not 90 degrees may make penetration somewhat difficult. There is no exercise unless the angle is measured by an expert. You can see your urologist for a better diagnosis and treatment.

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