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Colorectal Diseases

Are these symtoms of prolapsed rectum?



I have been told by an expert M,M. that I have a prolapsed rectum, my symptoms that are ongoing and problematic are not mentioned in the material I have read online. The doctor did say that the low back pain was a symptom and I could have nausea. I have low back pain and nausea, wiping a lot after having bowel movements. I am not constipated, or feel pressure to go, or have incontinence. There is not any protrusion. If I have surgery to fix this, will these symptoms go away? I am not interested in going through all surgery tribulations and recovery if this prolapse is not the problem.


If you do not have prolapse out of your anus, where does the diagnosis of "prolapse" come from? Your symptoms could describe prolapse, but they could also describe a few other diagnoses. To be diagnosed with prolapse, it has to be seen.

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Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD Janice Frederick Rafferty, MD
Professor of Surgery
Chief of Colorectal Surgery Division
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati