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Mental Health

Male Friend A Danger?



I have a Male friend i am a female. I am very concerned about his behaviors. Lately all he obsesses on are buying amputating scalples, knives etc.. online. Human Anatomy disecting kits, movies that most are about disememberment of the human body ( gore) he buys them and watches them over and over. Also into going to horror fest conventions all these things consume him. But he won`t talk about it or even give me an answer about what he does with the knives + won`t let me in his appartment. We have been best friends for 23 yrs he`s 38 i`m 36 yrs old and married. He is single no girlfriend ever except pretend girlfriends. He is possesive over me not really liking my husband. I normaly see this friend almost everyday. Need feeback. Thank You


Clearly, your question is not an easy one. A preoccupation that you describe may be a specific interest and nothing more. However, it becomes more concerning when any safety is potentially compromised. Any acute statements about suicide or homicide must be taken seriously and may require emergency personnel or the police for assistance.

I would recommend reminding your friend of your relationship and its long history. You deserve credit for being so dedicated. You should express concern about his social isolation and how these interests scare you about your friend’s safety. There is no harm investigating local psychiatric services in your area. If the matter can be addressed as an outpatient, consider such services or community mental health. If safety is an acute concern at all, consider where inpatient psychiatric facilities are and call them for assistance.

Good luck.

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Ram Chandran  Kalyanam, MD Ram Chandran Kalyanam, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University