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Spotting/bleeding for 12 weeks



Let me tell you first off I have Factor II mutation which is a blood clotting disorder. I have been spotting for 12 weeks with occasional heavy bleeding lasting for 2-3 days. I went into the Doctor`s office and they tell me I have to have a partial Hysterectomy. I was to upset to ask questions while I was in his office. He did mention that the year before my uterus was the size of 12-14 wks gestational and now I am the size of 16-18 wks gestational and why he didn`t send me to a cancer doctor...it got my attention but I had asked him why he thought this and he ho hummed around it as if to say well lets discuss a hysterectomy and set a date and I will test the uterus when we do the surgery.


You didn't specifically ask a question that I can answer, but I will add a few points. You should fully understand why your physician is suggesting that you have a hysterectomy. It sounds like you have an enlarged uterus. This is most likely due to leiomyomata (fibroids) which are benign and do not require the services of a gyn-oncologist. You should ask is it the bleeding or the uterine size that concerns him. You should also ask if there are any other conservative methods other than a hysterectomy.

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