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HSG test and pregnancy?



I had a hsg test done on May 28th which was day 9..everything came out great!! No spotting or cramping so doc told me to go home and start that night..we skipped day 10 and tried again on day 11 and 13..Well I got a positive result on my clearblue easy ovulation pred. on day 11..I was told to skip everyother day because of husbands low sperm count..He was on clomid back in sept of 07 and it worked but we lost the baby and he was put back on clomid in march of 08 and we haven`t got pregnant yet..I guess the ques is will the hsg test help us get pregnant because i have heard from so many people they got pregnant after their test but i don`t know if male infertility was in their case..will the sperm be able to swim better now that my tubes are all clear??


The HSG has no impact on your husband's male factor issue, although there is an increased pregnancy rate in the first 3-5 months after the test.  I would recommend a repeat semen analysis if he has not done one recently.  The usual treatment for male factor infertility involves insemination (injection of sperm into the uterus at the time of ovulation) or in vitro fertilization (IVF), where the ovaries are stimulated to make extra eggs which are removed from the ovary and mixed with the husband or partner's sperm in the lab, and then allowed to grow into embryos which are then transferred into the uterus. 

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