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Urinary Disorders

Urination after ejaculation



I`m a 19 y/o heterosexual male (currently not sexually active), with no former urinary medical problems. I noticed about a year ago that after ejaculating, additional stimulation to the head of my penis right after ejaculation caused me to feel like I was going to have another orgasm. Instead, what comes out is a discontinuous stream of urine that shoots out sort of like semen. I`ve done it pretty much every time I`ve ejaculated since then because it seems to be healthy to urinate right after ejaculating. However, today I wondered if this was abnormal, or if I had a medical problem, or if I could cause a medical problem by continuing to do this. Thank you for your time.


You likely do not have a medical problem. I doubt it is urine coming out after ejaculation because the reason semen comes out of the end of the penis rather than going back into the bladder is that the bladder neck closes reflexly when we ejaculate. Urine cannot pass when the bladder neck is closed. I think you are seeing a clear component of semen, not urine.

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
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