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Vagina dryness



My qustions is i have vigina dryness i been having it ever since i been trying to concive and it`s been almost four years and i have not gotten pregnant and i was wondering if that is normal i mean i do get wet once in a while but not all the time i mean when my husband wants to have sex my body feels that it also wants to have sex but my vigina is still dry i really don`t understand why is that i mean my husband and i are only 26 years old so i don`t know whats the problem before i used to get really wet an now it`s hard to get wet and when i do i don`t feel it the same and i do not like to use lubercation gel because i have heard it is not sperm friendly the only lubercation that i did decide to us was pre-seed i don`t know if you have heard of that lubercation gel i actually read about it online and i went to buy it to a pharmacy it was pretty good and i have no idea but they also said that it is sperm friendly and it can help you get pregnant i mean i did like it but it has not helped me get pregnant so is there a pill or some kind of medication i can take for my vagina dryness because i just don`t want my husband to think that i am not intrestead in haveing intercoures with him because i am interstead but i don`t have a clue of why i am not geting wet i don`t know if its because i been trying to have a baby and not been able to get pregnant so please help me solve this problem thank you.


There are a number of things that factor in to vaginal lubrication. This also includes adequate time for foreplay, etc.  However, this does not necessarily prevent you from becoming pregnant. 

If you have been attempting conception for more than one year without success, an infertility evaluation would be indicated.  This would consist of a semen analysis in your husband, a blood test to see if you are ovulating, as well as a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to see if your tubes are open.  You can contact your physician to discuss this. 

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati