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I wrote to you in May 2008, losing grandson/autism, our local physician referred us to a child psychologist/psychiatrist in Lima, Ohio. His name was Dr. Rhee, that was the biggest waste of time..he wouldn`t even acknowledge grandson! After questioning us, he said he would not touch him., his suggestion was to go to Ohio University Hospital or Nationwide Children`s Hospital where he can be part of a research (?)group. Not sure exactly what, but Austin would be observed by many different Drs. and hopefully something could come of this. Do you know what I am trying to find out? Is there a program there of this nature? Can you guide us in the right direction for this sort of observation?


The recommendations given were not clear but were on the right track. I will try to clarify for you.

At the Nisonger Center on the Ohio State University campus, there are researchers studying treatment of problem behaviors frequently seen in children and adolescents with autism. The studies these researchers conduct change over time, and your grandson may or may not meet the requirements for these studies. If your grandson does meet the requirements and participated in the studies, all study related medical care would be provided free as part of the study.

At Nationwide Children's Hospital, the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders conducts multidisciplinary evaluations of children thought to have autism. The program consists of physicians, psychologists, nurses and other professionals. The Center also offers treatment for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, including behavioral treatments and medication treatments. The health professionals at the Center also participate in autism research studies, often with the researchers at the Nisonger Center described earlier.

The increase in cases of autism over the past few years has resulted in long waiting lists to get into these programs, but the care provided in them is excellent. You can contact the Nisonger Center Autism Program at 614-247-7190. You can contact the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders through 614-355-8315. You can discuss your situation with them, and they will connect you with Central Intake to arrange an appointment.

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Daniel   Coury, MD Daniel Coury, MD
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University