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Cause Of One Blocked Fallopian Tube



I was just wondering how one side of my tubes could be blocked. They say what causes that is surgery or infection. I`ve had neither one of those. Could it have been a muscle spasm when I had the HSG test done??? Is there more or less of a chance according to where the blockage is in the tube???


In patients who have had proximal tubal blockage on HSG, it could be due to pathologic (tubal scarring) or non-pathologic (tubal spasm or mucus plug).  You can either have a tubal catherization (passing a catheter through the uterus and into the opening to the fallopian tube in order to open the tube) either surgically or in some centers, through the interventional radiology department. 

If the tube is blocked at the end (which usually produces a swollen tube called a hydrosalpinx), the chances for repair of the tube is very low.   

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
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