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I would like to know what the normal range is for Non-Fasting blood glucose levels. All the info I can find is on fasting glucose levels.


I have added some links to additional sites that you can take a look at for that information.  Most information about non-fasting blood sugar is focused on distinguishing values that are too high from normal, and there is less focused on distinguishing whether a non-fasting glucose is too low.   

In concept, it is really the fasting blood sugar criteria for whether a sugar is too low that would be applied to a non-fasting glucose - the question is really whether the sugar is so low that it either causes symptoms of low blood sugar or that it doesn't provide enough fuel for the brain.  You are not likely to find much about criteria specifically for non-fasting hypoglycemia that are different from those for fasting.  If somebody does develop a sugar after eating that is low relative to the standards for when someone is fasting, that can sometimes develop in otherwise healthy people, but it can also be an indicator that something is wrong.  The "whole picture" needs to be examined together, and not just one detail.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati