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Digestive Disorders

High Bilirubin count



I had my annual physical & blood work done. The bilirubin limits were 0.1-1.2. My result was 1.7. Would Celexa, Zomig, Propranolol HCL or Coumadin effect a bilirubin test?


While it is possible that Celexa or Propanalol might affect the results of a bilirubin test, it is also possible these results are normal. There is also a condition, common, called Gilbert's Syndrome in which the bilirubin fluctuates and is often outside the "normal" range. This is an oddity of no clinical significance. Without knowing more details about your specific results it is not possible to define this further or accurately assess the reason for your bilirubin elevation.

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D Roy Ferguson, MD D Roy Ferguson, MD
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