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Urinary Disorders

Blood in urine but not always



I am asking this question for my sister. Two days ago she found blood in her urine. She went to the doctor and had all the necessary tests. My question to you is why does she only see blood in her urine every other time she goes? I have read the data and I see she has to wait for the test results. She may have a kidney stone or many other things. I was just wondering why the blood only appears once in a while not always.


Blood in the urine can be a result of a number of things including infection, stone, vascular abnormality, and tumor. In women it is important to be sure that blood in the toilet is not vaginal bleeding. If she has true urinary bleeding and infection has been ruled out by documented negative urine culture then she should see a Urologist who will order a X-ray and look in the bladder (cystoscopy).

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Marc F Cymes, PA Marc F Cymes, PA
Clinical Instructor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University