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Urinary Disorders

Kidney stone



I am a 25 year old female who has a right 3.5 x 4 kidney stone lodged in the renal pelvis. If it is just sitting there, then why am I having pain still in my right flank area? No hydronephrosis or blockage. Also, I have an IVP tomorrow. Can`t this destroy the nephrons of your kidney if this goes on too long? I have had it since I was 6 months pregnant, so I have had this stone for about 6 months now.


A kidney stone of 4 mm usually passes through the ureter. 4 cm would not and needs invasive procedure to remove it. Sometimes small stones can temporarily block the drainage system and hydronephrosis is temporary. IVP is no longer recommended for kidney stone. CAT scan without contrast has less side effects and renal function would not be affected.

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