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Spine and Back Health

Failed fusion & annular tear



Hi, I had an L5-S1 fusion last year when I was 18 years old after suffering from back pain for 4 years for spondylolisthesis with pinched nerves. I have been told now that it did not fuse.

Now I am in just as severe, if not more, pain that is radiating down my right side. I had a discogram last week at L4-L5 and am trying to understand the results. It reproduced my pain.

If anyone can help me, or enlighten me about treatment options, it would be greatly appreciated.

L5-S1: the interbody cage is partially incorporated with a small amount of intact interbody fusion bone at the posterior aspect of the disc space. On the current examination, there is no definite solid fusion noted posterolaterally.

L4-L5: There is a large annular tear at the six o`clock position with contrast extending into a central to right disc protrusion which contacts the anterior aspect of the thecal sac as well as the proximal right L5 nerve root and may minimally contact the proximal left S1 nerve root. The facet joints remain patent and no lucency is noted along the pedicle screws.

Thank you! Just trying to feel better so I can continue college without pain :)


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