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Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

Rh factor



My husband and I both have A+ blood, we have four children, two of our daughters have A- blood and our other daughter and son have A+ blood. Does this mean that my husband and I both have a + and - gene for our Rh factors or does one of us need to have two - rh genes ? My husband is pretty sure he is A+ and we did not have any problems with childbirths. My mother had O- blood and father has A+ , my husband does not know what his parens blood types were.. Sorry this is not a question on clotting disorders , I did not see a question regarding RH factors.. Hope you can answer this question . Thank you.


Each parent has two alleles. If the husband is Rh+ and Rh- and the mother is same, each parent could transmit an Rh- allele.

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Eric H Kraut, MD Eric H Kraut, MD
Professor of Hematology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University