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Spine and Back Health

Hip/heel pain



I started out with pain in the right hip area just below the waist which has gradually subsided in severity until now. When standing for 30 minutes or so, the pain the becomes severe, radiating to the front of the leg and down into the heel. Could this be due to the types of shoes I wear, which are generally rubber soled casual slip on type shoes which do no have much in arch support?


It is difficult to provide a specific answer to your shoe question from your description. While it is possible that inappropriate shoes can cause lower leg pain from foot to hip, the radiating severe pain you describe could be a sign of much more and an examination is highly recommended. Since the pain starts in the hip and radiates down I would suggest an orthopedist.

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Jeffrey M Robbins, DPM Jeffrey M Robbins, DPM
Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University