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Blocked Fallopian Tube



Hi, I have just had IVF treatment and got pregnant but sadly misscarried twins at 10 weeks and have just had a dnc. I also had an IVF treatment in Dec 07 but again sadly misscarried at 6 weeks. My question to you is my right tube is patent and my left tube filled but did not spill and it was found to be clubbed all other pelvic organs appear to be normal so I would like to know if I have any options. Obviously I do not want to go down the IVF route again. I do have 2 children one age 6 who was IVF and one age 4 who was a natural conception we have also tried clomid to no avail please could you advise me? Many Thanks


The definition of recurrent pregnancy loss is 2 or 3 (depending upon who you read) consecutive 1st trimester (<12 weeks) losses.  A basic work-up consists of uterine cavity evaluation, chromosomal analysis in both partners (blood tests), autoimmune testing (blood tests), thrombophilic or "clot-friendly" work-up (blood tests), and hormonal testing.  I would suggest talking to your doctor about whether any or all of these tests would be appropriate for you.  If you decided to wait on testing, or if all tests were normal, I would recommend taking baby aspirin and progesterone supplementation.

It would certainly be reasonable to consider doing another IVF cycle once you have had an adequate evaluation.

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