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I am a 49 year old male with no existing medical conditions. My sister is 47 years old who has been recently DX with hypoglycemia . I have been experiencing some of the same symptons she has,so I borrowed her glucose meter. I have been monitoring my daily levels for about a month. My early morning fasting (5 to 6 AM) are between 103 to 122.My randoms throughout the day are from 76 to 100. My 1 hour post-meals are under 160. My 2hour readings are <140. I have seen a couple of readings 1 hour after breakfast when I eat a high sugar content meal run 210 and then return to > 130 within 2 hours. Should I be concern with these levels?


Home blood glucose monitoring devices are designed to detect approximate changes in blood glucose sufficient to make daily adjustments in people with diabetes.  They do not have the accuracy and precision needed to rule in or rule out a diagnosis of diabetes or hypoglycemia.  Therefore, it is not really appropriate to make the kinds of decisions that you are asking about based on these readings.  With that in mind, most of the readings you describe are pretty unremarkable.  The exception is that the blood sugars that you are describing as fasting - if they were known to be accurate - would fall into a category between normal and diabetes referred to as abnormal fasting glucose.  If there were something currently serious going on, I would expect the after meal sugars to be high.  It sounds like it would be good to have proper clinical laboratory fasting plasma glucose checked several times to get a more reliable answer.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
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University of Cincinnati