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Cervical fibroid removal



I was recently prevented from undergoing an endometrial ablation (via the NovaSure method) because a fibroid tumor at the cervix was in the way and my gynecologist couldn`t successfully perform the hysterscopy. He said my only options now are hormonal treatments (I`d rather not become a long-term income stream for a pharmaceutical company) or hysterectomy. I`m wondering why I can`t have a myomectomy followed by an ablation. Is there something about a cervical fibroid that makes it difficult or dangerous to remove?


A lot of it depends on the location and depth of penetration of the fibroid. There are very important blood vessels near the cervix that can make a myomectomy very difficult. The depth the fibroid is in the muscle also determines whether or not it can be easily removed. It also depends on the expertise of your surgeon in performing a hysteroscopic myomectomy. If the fibroid doesn't allow the introduction of the hysteroscope, then you can't perform the myomectomy.

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