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Kidney Diseases

What is the normal level of an eGFR?



The doctor has me on blood pressure pills as it is slightly elevated. Also the test results of eGFR is >=60 ml/min/1.73m2. I am 71 years (young). Belong to a gym, am 5`3 and weigh 69kg. Do I have anything to be concerned about and is diet an important factor. I`m just a bit worried as don`t really understand what is going on. I don`t have any symptoms that I know of. What should I be looking out for? Thank you. I`d appreciate your thoughts.


An eGFR of >60 is just fine, especially for a 71-year-young person (normally eGFR is >90 for a 20-year-old, but as people age, the eGFR decreases, even in normals).  However, it is important for you to keep your blood pressure well-controlled, since high blood pressure can cause kidney damage, not to mention heart attacks and strokes.  For anyone who is hypertensive, a low salt diet is always a good idea, and do keep going to the gym!

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