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Breast Cancer

Breast lump/pain



i`m 31 years old and about a year ago noticed a small lump in the upper region of my right breast. I had 2 mammogram pics of the area (not a full mammogram since the Dr. thought i was too young) and a few ultrasounds done. i was told it was either a swollen lymph node or small cyst. the pain (just in this area) has gotten slightly worse and is always present (a dull ache even when i don`t have my period). i went to get another opinion later that year from a breast surgeon who did 2 ultrasounds and said again - it`s just a cyst - not big enough to biopsy. My question - it`s been over a year since the mammogram pics...should i request another one? is an ultrasound the best tool to see what is causing this pain? i`m having a hard time moving on when everyday i`m reminded of the discomfort...but at the same time - i don`t want to keep doing tests if i don`t need them :) please help!


The best way to evaluate this problem at your young age is the ultrasound.

Make sure that the ultrasound is done by a certified individual.  If this is really a small cyst, then observation is the usual approach.  On the other hand, small cysts usually do not cause significant pain.  Your discomfort may be due to underlying fibroglandular tissue which is normal to have at your age.

Ask your doctor about methods to relieve breast pain when you go in for your next evaluation.

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