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Breast Cancer




During my routine check up, I had a mammogram and it came back unusual. I had to schedule another and then the doctor did a ultra sound. She was very concerned and wanted to schedule a biopsy. After the results went to my primary care doctor, she wanted me to see a surgeon first. My surgeon sent me to have a biopsy. Bottom line when I went for my biopsy, the doctor did another ultra sound and said all was great and that I would need another check up in six months. How can the situation go from a biopsy must be preformed to all is fine in week? Very Very confused.


This does sound like you have reason to be confused. When someone is sent for an ultrasound guided biopsy, if the area of concern is no longer visualized, the biopsy can't be done. However, in your case, it sounds like both the mammogram and ultrasound were abnormal and there was real concern. So I would ask the breast surgeon to explain to you why this can wait 6 months and why it is OK not to pursue now with mammogram, ultrasound, or breast MRI. It may be that the area really did not look too suspicious. But I think it sounds worthy of a real explanation. Perhaps your primary care doctor can help sort this out, if not the surgeon.

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