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Colon Cancer

Lumps in rectum



I am 19 years old and my grandfather died of rectal cancer in his 60`s. My mom has been getting rectal exams since her mid 20s. I have always been phobic-ly worried about cancer. Since I am almost 20, and a little embaressed to have someone else do it, I decided to give myself a rectal exam to the best of my knowledge. While doing so, I felt a lump like thing in my rectum. Is this really bad, because I have been doing some research and it sounds like it`s not that common of a thing to have at my age? I know I should just go to a doctor, but I am embarassed about this whole thing, and I also have a little phobia about doctors.


If you're a female, it may have been the cervix pressing outside the rectum, which is a normal finding. If it's just at the tip of the rectum, it may have been hemorrhoids. If there is any doubt, you should get it evaluated by a doctor.

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