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Addiction and Substance Abuse

Amphetamine and IVF




first, sorry for my bad englisch, I`m from Germany. A month ago, I used amphetamin on a party (yes, this was a mistake :-( ). No I fear that there could be a negativ effect on my sperms (failures in the DNA because of the lowered bloodflow in the genitalia). Is this possible? I fear the possibility of a handicaped baby, because 49 Days after this my wife is going to have an IVF. Thank you very much for a response :-)


Thank you for your good question. There is quite a lot of research on the effects of drug or alcohol use by mothers on fertility and pregnancy outcome, but very little research on use by fathers. The safest approach is to be abstinent from the use of alcohol or other drugs in weeks around the time of conception on the part of both the mother and the father. The good news is that 45 days is more than enough time to have any effect of the amphetamines to go away prior to your scheduled IVF, but to be safe it is important for you to be abstinent as much as possible between now and then.

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