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Urinary Disorders

Cat Scan results of abdomen



2 years ago I had very low iron and blood count... hgb 80 I had many tests (including colonoscopy which was fine, although I have had polyps in the past) with the last test being a CAT Scan of abdomen. Results showed thickening of u/p junction and asked for cystoscopy with retrogrades to r/o an early malignancy. With cysto he found a right kidney stone which was removed.

A follow-up Cat Scan was done 8 months later still showed thickening rt u/p junction and another 6mm kidney stone. But it also said "mild distention of the collecting system of the left kidney" but this was not the kidney I had the stone in. I asked the doctor if there was a problem brewing in that kidney? He said he should follow-up again in 8 months.

This was done last month which showed the right kidney stone a little larger. Bil. corticol cysts which I understand are not a concern. There is an extrarenal pelvis on the right side, mild peripheral enhancement and thickening Rt upj. Delayed images demonstrate contrast spilling, on the uppermost part of the rt renal pelvis. The ureter is not opacified. Bladder normal.

No bowel lesions seen. There is Lymphadenopathy???

Is this anything I should be concerned about? I am 65.

Thank you for your time!


Without seeing your CAT scan I cannot tell you about the UPJ pathology. But it sounds as though you are a stone former which may need to be evaluated by 24 hour urine study. As for adenopathy goes, it depends on the location. If it is retroperitoneal they should rule out Lymphoma. Even if it is rare.

Your urologist is the one who can make all these investigation for you. Good luck.

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