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Digestive Disorders

Gall stones 10 years AFTER Gall Bladder out?



I am an overweight female, with high blood pressure (under control with med) and had a heart attack 11 years ago. Gall bladder was taken out 10 years ago. Latest blood test showed elevated liver enzymes, which I have had before, but doctor has ordered ultra sound. How can I have gallstones when the gallbladder is gone? What would cause them now, and what problems could he possibly be looking for? I have been on Tylenol for arthritis, and am going to quit taking that and just live with the pain and try exercising more. What else can I do?


It is possible to have gallstones in the common bile duct (CBD) even though the gall bladder is out. Your doctor, however may be looking for something else such as the amount of fat in your liver (fatty liver) or something else. The US (ultrasound) is not just for gallstones, but provides lots of other information as well.

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