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Child abuse



a 12 yr old boy who has been seeing a pyschotherapist for what reasons unknownat the age of 5. threatened my child to let him touch her private area or suck his penis. my 7 yrs old aloud him and then him had her touch him. no penatration occurred according to my neice who was with the group of kids. my neice said no when he threatened both of them but she did touch him. i informed my pediatrian who did not want to see my daughter but did say to keep her away from the 12yr old. i spoke with the parents and they are in denial. Is there anything i can do to prevent this from happening to another child?


Report this incident to the local child protection authorities.  If you do not know who these individuals are, ask your child's pediatrician who should (and is if inside the United States) be a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse.

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Michael Spigarelli, MD, PhD
Formerly, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Internal Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati