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Breast Cancer

Breast pain



I am 36 years old and take birth control (Seasonale). I had a normal baseline mammagram last year and was told I don`t need another until I am 40. In the past few months, I have been having breast pain while lying on my stomach at night. My breast feel sore and uncomfortable to lie on at times (not daily). Sometimes I have a sharp pain in my breast that almost feels like a burning sensation. I am wondering if this is anything I should be concerned about. It doesn`t last long when I have it and it comes and goes (weeks or months between episodes). I don`t think this a sign of cancer, but I didn`t know where else to post this.


This sounds very normal, and breast pain is not a common sign of breast cancer. It may be related to your oral contraceptive. For some people, decreasing your dietary caffeine may help. If this is a symptom only in one breast, I would go and have a good breast exam by your gynecologist, primary care physician or surgeon. And you should have a practitioner exam annually as a general rule.

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