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Drug allergy



I have oral hsv-1 and can`t seem to get it under control. I`m allergic to Valtrex- swelling of nasal passages and lips. Other than the hsv-1, I`m very healthy. I think that I must have a very virulent strain. I`ve had chronic outbreaks for the past year - face, tongue (especially painful - even made ear hurt), and possibly upper back - red pimples reappear in same spot). I`ve been to 3 doctors who tell me that nothing can be done for me because of my allergy - just take lysine. I`ve heard of drug desensitization. Would this be an option for me? Any suggestions? I don`t want to spend the rest of my life dealing with chronic, painful, unsightly outbreaks. Thanks for your time.


It is possible to have a graded oral challenge to valtrex which in most cases is effective.  However, it depends on the type of reaction you had and a more extensive history is required.  I would recommend you see an allergist immunologist experienced in evaluating and treating adverse/allergic drug reactions.  If these are aphthous ulcers, in some circumstances colchicine has been demonstrated to be effective and may be worth trying.



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