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Mental Health

Addicted to Masturbating



Hello doctor,

My problem is that i have been addicted to masturbating since about 8 years, before that i use to masturbate like every teenagre, two or three times per week, but since about 8 years and i masturbate minimum 2 times per day, some times i reach 7 times per day!!, first i wasn`t worried till i have been into a real sex relation with a grl, i couldn`t have an errection, which was so emabressing, even that i was horney. that was years ago, and in the next time i was having sex i took Viagra Pills, which gave me a good erection, and i gave my grl a really good time, but i couldnt ejaculate for 3 hours till i masturbated!!! .. next time i had sex ( also with viagra ) i stopped masturbating 3 days before it, and guess what !! i was going to ejaculate in the first five minutes !! but i was able to hold it and i really had a nice time .... the problem now is that even with viagra, i have a very week erection .. and i lose control of it many times .. when i am on the top and doing the hard work i always lose my erection!! ... and i can never cum untill i am lying down and my grl on the top of me ( same posotion i have when i masturbate ) .... now i want you to tell me honestly is my week erection going to last with me forever ?? if i stopped masturbating will i gain a hard erection like normal men ?? i am still addicted to masturbating .... i am so afraid of the future ... i am afraid to have sex without taking a viagra to avoid the emabrresment ... tell me everything honestly please .. Thank you


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. Unfortunately we do not have an expert who answers questions in your area of inquiry. However, you may find helpful information at the links below.  Additionally, your health care provider may be able to suggest a general addiction counselor in your locale.

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Radu   Saveanu, MD Radu Saveanu, MD
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