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Bruxism and high fillings



I read the article on Bruxism. I also read a study once in my dentist office about about where High fillings were causing people to grind their teeth at night. And in the morning, Like me they would wake up with damage to the work done. Sometimes mild where I would not notice due to lack of pain. Or other times where newly done work had to be redone. I remember times where my would do a filling and tell me that it would feel high but not to worry, I would grind it down and it would be ok. As it turned out the grinding never stopped. It just caused more dammage. Can I get a copy of that Study that was done?


Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, without an author or title, I am not able to locate the study you mention. 

  Bruxism can be a very challenging problem in some patients.  Bite/night guards are the most common treatment.

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