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I got my period July 8, 2008 and it was a 27 day cycle. Yesterday was July 20 and when I went to use the bathroom yesterday and I cleaned myself I saw some white thing like egg whites and I was feeling kind of wet the whole day yesteday. Today I still feel wet and when I go to the bathroom and clean myself I still see the clear thing that looks like egg white but not as much as yesterday. Today it`s a bit darker, yesterday it was clear, today it`s a bit white and I was wondering does that mean I was ovulating? Or can it be that I had sex on the 19th and that was why I saw that clear thing that looked like egg white. I mean I had sex on the 19th the day before I saw that clear thing but I did not have sex on the 20th, which was the day I did see it. So if I was ovulating yesterday and I did not have sex but I did have sex the day before is it possible to still get pregnant and when you do ovulate how many days do you ovulate just one day or two?


Women normally ovulate once per month. Following ovulation, the egg usually lives up to 24 hours. If it does not become fertilized, it will dissolve. Sperm typically live for at least 2 days, and possibly as long as 5 days in the female reproductive tract. Therefore, you could have sex 2 days before you ovulate and still become pregnant. Just before ovulation, estrogen levels tend to increase which causes an increase in cervical mucus production, which is clear to milky, and abundant.

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