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Smoking and Tobacco

Black and milds



i was wondering if you had any information on how addicting a black and mild is, because i smoke one every month or so and i have heard of them referred to as "deadly". also, am i suffering with only one mild every month or so? i only smoke one when my friend comes down from out of town.

sincerely, a mild smoker


Like all nicotine-containing tobacco products, Black and Milds are highly addictive. Smoking one per month, however, is unlikely to lead to addiction IF your use remains at that level. Nonetheless, even small doses of inhaled tobacco are associated with increases in heart disease and stroke. If this person is truly your friend, maybe you shouldn't be encouraging his or her addictive and deadly habit.

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Rob  Crane, MD Rob Crane, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University