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Hair color remover and hair dye



Tuesday around 4:45 i used hair color remover and waited and around 7pm i dyed my hair a nice color. i had no indication on any reaction. 5 hours later i awoke with a rapid heart of 117bpm and bp 119/75,dizziness-feeling faint, fever of 99.0, tingling burning scalp, extremely tight dry feeling. after 10 minutes of this, i finally fell asleep. Wedsnday i only had a slight sensitive,faded tingle in scalp,slight headache, low grade fever of 99.1, took tylenol before bed. Thursday woke up no fever normal of 98.8, slight headache, scalp ok. my left eyelid is swollen slightly, i don`t know if it from sleeping on my left side most of the night or it is from rubbing, or part of the reaction. i would like to know how long this type of allergy last. i swear i will never touch hair color as long as i live. i have learnt my lesson. oh, and yes i did a 48 hour allergy test 3 days ago and had no reaction.


If you are not sensitized to the hair dye as you indicated by a negative patch test, it is unclear what the underlying mechanism for this reaction is. I would think you should feel better in the next day or two. The treatment of avoidance is correct. If you have persistent symptoms, then see your doctor or an allergist for further evaluation and treatment.

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