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Why do I have long, frequent periods?



I have frequent periods(every 15-20 days),and when they last for about 15 days each time, this time,they lasted longer. The bleeding is heavy in the first couple of days, light for the next couple of days, and no bleeding for a day or too, and there`ll be blood again. Not much,but a speck of blood.

This time,it lasted much longer than 15 days,which is about how long it normally lasts.


The causes of prolonged and heavy periods are too varied and numerous to discuss all of them here. I am unsure of your complete cycle length. If they occur every 15-20 days and last 15 days does that mean there are 0-5 days of no bleeding or do you have 15 days of bleeding and 15 days without. The first circumstance is too short a cycle and too long a period. The second is too long a period with normal cycle length. Short cycles can come from the failure to ovulate with no regular timing of the cycles. Heavy bleeding commonly occurs because of fibroids. Fibroids are very common benign smooth muscle growths (see FIBROIDS in this section). Your bleeding is definitely abnormal and needs to be addressed.

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